Trombonist and Composer

Critical Reviews of Love, Time, and Divination

"Inspired and illuminating" --Ron Hart, DownBeat (**** 4 stars) 


"The breadth and strength of utterance, the depth, power and unshowy brilliance of his trombone manner, the uncanny blend of rhetoric and intimacy, all combine to reveal a one-man symphonic, developmental drama of unassailable integrity . . . with spellbinding loveliness . . . to absolutely die for." --Raul da Gama


"Stunningly beautiful." --Steve Hochman


"Love, Time, and Divination proclaims the ability of the old and the new--classics and finely written originals--to share the stage of beauty" --Geraldine Wyckoff, OffBeat


"Swoop, Slide, Swing and Stride" by Debbie Burke, Jazz Author


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New Album Dropping February 2018

I'm very proud to announce the completion of a new album of songs performed by myself on trombone, the great New Orleans pianist, professor Matt Lemmler; my long-time co-aggravator, bassist James Singleton, and on three tracks, the voice of Treme, singer John Boutté.  Love, Time, And Divination is scheduled for release in February 2018 with pre-sales beginning soon.

We recorded these eleven tracks on August 14th, 2017 in our hometown of New Orleans at Esplanade Studios, engineered by the masterful and aurally gifted Misha Kachkachishvili, and mastered by John Fischbach.

Love, Time, And Divination is a celebration of the sentiment one feels when first moved by love, the sense of wonder as life gradually reveals itself over time, and the optimism of the endless quest for, divining, inspiration.  I hope you check it out and are moved by what you hear.  

--peace and eternal curiosity, Mark

CD and Digital Download available February 2018

CD and Digital Download available February 2018